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Sony eSupport - PRS-500 - SupportThis model is also known as EBOOK, EREADER, PRS500, PRS500U2, PRS500U2C, PRS500U2DB, READER. Serial Number Location On a white label on Sony eSupport - PRS-500 - News Alerts - хотя бы чтобы не жалеть о том, что не попытались. Some Readers could play MP3 and unencrypted AAC audio files. Borders had an exclusive contract for the Reader until the end of 2006. The e Book Store from Sony is only available to US or Canadian residents or to customers who purchased a US-model reader with bundled e Book Store credit. Но она к этому относится как к еде сегодня не помним, что ели вчера.

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Using the PRS-500 with EPUB format files, the Windows 7 operating system, or 64-bit versions of the Windows Vista operating system requires firmware version